Our Process

Design and Quote Stage

We keep our process simple here at Big Bay Steel Buildings.  After the first conversation with us, we will get you a detailed quote, along with a preliminary sketch of the building you designed, for you to review and revise.  We will go through it with you.  At this point, all we are doing is getting the design and accessories done in order to give you the best most accurate cost of the project.  Once we finalize the building design, accessories and cost, we will put it in writing.  If you do decide to move forward with us, you will sign the purchase order, and you will move into our project management stage

Project Management Stage

Here, in project management, you will be provided a project manager to work with.  You can revise your project with your project manager and fine tune anything you think you missed in the first stage.  Let’s say you want to add 20’ to the building and add gutters and downspouts.  You can do that here in project management.  Most customers like to pick their building colors in project management as well.  Project management is put in place to allow the customers the opportunity to change anything they might want to change on their building from when they originally ordered the building. This stage also gets the engineer involved.  The engineer will offer insight, and on more complex projects the engineer can step in and do what engineers do.  It’s a little safety net we provide to ensure you can make last minute changes and get the additional attention you might need on your building and project.   When you have made all the changes, you will then sign off on the design, and we will order the approval drawings and engineered stamp plans.

Engineer Stage

The engineer, draftsman, and detailers are now working on your Approval drawings and Engineered Stamped plans, also known as your blueprints.   This stage is very important, and it’s a part of the process most customer don’t get to see.  Through your project manager, you will be kept in the loop and provided with detailed updates on your plans.  The engineering department will complete your approval drawings first.  Once they design the approval drawings, they will send them to your project manager, and these drawings will be reviewed by you. You can either approve these drawings, if they are exactly what you want, or mark them up if you feel you need to make additional changes.  If you mark them up for revision, they will go back to the engineer to revise and make the changes you want.  Once you sign off on the approval drawings, the engineer will create the final set of drawings for construction and permitting.  The final drawings will have the engineer’s Stamp, Seal, and certification for your state.  These final Stamped Engineered plans are what you will take to your building department to get your permit for the building.

Fabrication and Delivery Stage

Once you receive your permit for your building, we will then want you to sign off on fabrication and get your building into the fabrication queue.  Fabrication is another part of the process that customers will not see, but it is happening.  During this time, your project manager is getting you ready with delivery notices and keeping you aware of delivery updates.  Your project manager will also be going over what you need to know and do to take delivery of your building.  In the delivery stage, the customer does play a very active role, and we at Big Bay Steel Buildings will be there to help guide you through a smooth delivery process.