Primary and Secondary Framing

Primary Framing

The main support system of the structure is known as the primary framing system.  The primary structural system consists of the columns, interior columns, beams, portal frames, rafters, and girders.  All of these members combined, will carry the gravity or vertical loads of the building to the foundation.  The primary framing is the bones to which the rest of the building will attach.  The members of the primary structure will almost always be hot rolled structural steel.  Our standard coating is a dark gray oxide, which makes for a beautiful, strong finish.

Secondary Framing

The secondary framing produces the stabilization that prevents the primary framing from twisting out of shape.  The secondary framing also contributes to the support of the overall building and provides the means to attach interior elements.  The secondary framing consists of the girts, purlins, eave struts, wall bracing, flange bracing, joists, struts, headers and jambs.  Because the secondary framing does not hold gravity loads, it can be shaped from cold rolled steel.  It is designed to work perfectly with the primary framing.  At Big Bay Steel Buildings our standard is G-90 Galvanized coating for the secondary framing, which also gives you a nice, clean, beautiful, strong finish on your building.